Many of my prints and paintings represent an exploration of the mighty antiquity that we modern people want to take out of its own natural realm in order to possess. A more “humane” manner to own a relic from its cultural context is to document it, to write about it, to photograph it, to emulate it, to respect it and its provenience by exalting it through letting it stay with its makers. These precious treasures have spiritual and personal value, made with reverence.

In our epoch of easy international travel, discretionary incomes, advances with technologically-aided discovery methods, we can get our hands on almost anything we desire. Fortunately because we can get to the maker-people and their places we are nearing a state of mind that can respect the cultures that generated the artifact.

I feel that I own these treasures when I make them from art-store materials, knowing that everything in the original came from the earth.

I had always wanted the Venus of Willendorf so much that I made my own Venus and  have reverence for “her” as the genuine article. 


Robin Rome